ARC Angel Yoga & Meditation

We begin every class with the Ocean (Ujjayi) Breath leading us into a gentle visualization to help us connect to our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.  We then invite the Arc Angels to assist us in opening up our channels for healing and divine communications.  After that we begin a series of gentle yoga restorative postures purposely selected for there heart opening and healing benefits.  The class either finishes with a deep relaxation or a healing exercise where we practice sharing angelic healing energy with golden hands.  Last but not least we then choose an Angel or Ascension card for reflection.

With the focus on "SIMPLICITY" and "Union" we create a safe and nurturing space so that you can open up and connect to your SANKALPA which is the deepest intentions and desires born in our heart and soul.  We call it our Hearts Purpose.  Arc Angel Yoga is suitable for all levels of health and fitness.  Our workshops are also mobile so if you would like to host one in your area don't hesitate to contact us.

Both Classes and Workshops have been created based on the teachings of the Diana Cooper Foundation and traditional eastern yogic technique's.

Aisling Plunkett