"Every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her"

Fertility Health

Who is this program for:

Both Men and Women if...

*You have been trying to conceive with no results.

*You're thinking of starting a family, looking to improve your fertility and reduce the chance of pregnancy loss.

*You are about to embark on the fertility treatment journey or have had previous failed attempts.

Whats Included:

*Initial consultation

*1 Hypnotherapy or Havening Technique session

*1 Nutritional consultation with a qualified Nutritionist

*8 Energy Healing treatments 1hr per week

*8 weeks of yoga and relaxing meditations 1 class per week (designed especially for supporting fertility)

What to expect:

A combination of the above techniques can be highly beneficial in identifying and eliminating any subconscious blocks, fears, or doubts regarding your ability to become pregnant.  They are also deeply healing and relaxing and encourage the mind and the body into a beautifully calm state of openness and receptivity.  A space in which you become at ease and free from any old patterns and beliefs which may be stopping your flow in life.

If you are interested in participating in the next program starting in June please call Aisling on 087-9126366.