The 5 Tibetan Rites

The ultimate daily practice...

What if we told you that there were 5 simple exercises that can be done daily taking you only 10 minutes which will boost your energy, improve overall health, calm and focus the mind and slow down the aging process?   The 5 Tibetan Rites will do all that and more!  A sequence of yoga exercises intended to stimulate and re-energise the seven chakras of the body will be taught by one of the western world’s most renowned Yogis Kenneth Ryan. T5T is practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels. One of many famous celebrities partaking in its daily practice is Bruce Forsyth. He has been a true advocate of this practice since his mother-in-law introduced him to it over 30yrs ago.  Now 85yrs old, he has more energy and enthusiasm for life than many men half his age.     

At Arc Healing

We encourage the practice of T5T  along with a series of yogic breathing exercises also know as “pranayama” when practiced, create significant opportunities for personal growth and transformation.  The 5 Tibetans are also thought as part of the Saoirse Yoga Schools syllabus.  With only breath we journey within and go beyond, connecting to your True Self and your SANKALPA which is the deepest intentions & desires born in our heart and soul.  We call it our Heart’s Purpose.  Whilst there, we simply rest in relaxation posture –Sawasana or other….

If you would like to learn this simple practice please contact Aisling for group or private lessons on 0879126366