"Every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her"

More about our teachers


Founder of both Saoirse Retreats and Arc Healing, for almost two decades now, Aisling

has been working with a variety of holistic therapies and practicing Yoga. She is a Master Teacher of Usui Reiki and is also an accredited Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation to master level. Her passion is to help people open up to the amazing healing energy available all around us. Creating and holding a loving and safe space for treatments, classes and residential retreats is something that comes naturally. After practicing yoga for many years she decided to go expand her knowledge by training as an Aquarian Kundalini yoga teacher with the Jivan Mukta Academy. Following this she also studied and qualified as a pregnancy and children's yoga teacher. She facilitates an array of classes, workshops, training courses and sharing circles.  She combines her wealth of knowledge on complementary therapies with her passion for yoga and helping people realize their true potential through positive thinking and attitude.  In the summer of 2017 Aisling joined the team at Juicy Oasis Portugal where she teaches on Juice Master Retreats for Jason Vale.  This year she joined his Turkish team on the mountain top resort in Gocek.  Although already a well established teacher, she continues her own journey as a student and travels to Rishekish in India often to explore the culture and traditions of this magical country. In 2017 she completed a 200hr YTT  with an emphasis on anatomy, physiology and yoga philosophy with senior teachers Micheal McCann and Paula Flood. This brings her teacher training hrs to over 1000.  Aisling has been awarded a Chartered level 1 membership with Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Professionals.  Arc Healing workshops are now recognized as CPD with Yoga Alliance UK, Yoga Alliance Professionals. 



I practiced Yoga as a child though I did not know then that it had a name. I moved my body and engaged with life in the way a child does before she ‘learns’ how to do so. I discovered Yoga as a practice nineteen years ago and though I considered it a physical practice at the time, intuitively, I understood that there is so much more to it than that.  Over the years, I have practiced a number of different ‘styles’ of Yoga though I have come to realise that Yoga is Yoga – Union of Body, Mind & Breath. It is both an art and a science of successful living, which applies equally both on and off the mat. This is why I no longer ‘subscribe’ to any particular style. My understanding of Yoga has expanded so that my practice is not confined to my mat. I look for union of body, mind and breath everywhere in my life. In effect, my life has become my Yoga practice. My teaching journey brought me to the world of Body Mind Centering and the developmental movement patterns which can be observed in every human being from conception to death. Working with the developmental movement patterns has given me a wonderful framework to grow my practice and my teaching in a more fluid and natural way, with the freedom to explore and discover new ways of being in my body and of sharing my learning. Somatic Movement in the form of Hanna Somatics, added another piece to the jigsaw puzzle and I find that Somatics exercises not only complement my Yoga practice on every level, they also enhance my well-being by enabling me to move with greater ease physically, which translates into more clarity on a mental and emotional level. Thus, I began to bring more Somatic movement into my practice and my teaching through what I call Yoga Soma.  On my path, I have come across many wonderful teachers, each of whom has given me the gift of their knowledge and experience through over 1200 hours of teacher-training in Yoga and Somatics. I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers for this gift and to my students also, who have taught me so much about what it is to be human. My own journey continues with passion and I enjoy sharing the precious gift of Yoga with others through my teaching.



Michelle has 10 years’ experience studying and practicing in the holistic and wellness area. Her main areas of expertise is working with Self Nurturing Workshops and Mediation Groups to help alleviate every day struggles and problems, find balance between work and home life and deal with the stress and frustration as a result of the imbalance. I have been trained to master teacher level in Tera Mai Reiki healing and Seichem healing. Ive also training to Level 3 Magnified healing. I have a wonderful connection with energy healing and vibration which encouraged me train as a Chystal healer, also to to level 3. My studies have also included spiritual development courses and Angel card reading courses. The Reiki I've studied is Tera Mai, and all Reiki and Seichem Energy Healing I did with Patricia Loughlin Reiki Master. Magnified Healing I did with Roseleen McNally (based in Blackrock, AMAZINGlady) Crystal Healing with Lisa Lynch of Angelic Crystal Healing, and the Angel Card Reading Course with her also. Michelle provides the support to achieve balance, stability and a sense of freedom in business and in life. In promoting health and well-being Michelle offers a new way of living with effective ways to increase personal happiness, reduce stress and create a more motivated, engaged you.