"Every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her"

Sound Healing 1:1 Baths

Sound was the medicine of our Ancestors and it is now being rediscovered as the medicine of present today.

During the session, Tibetan singing bowls are placed on and

around your fully clothed body.  I will start the therapy by gently playing the bowls at specific energy points though your body.  The vibrations created send healing throughout your body removing blocks as we begin to activate healing on a cellular level. The bowls create a deeply soothing, almost hypnotic state of relaxation.  After we have moved through the bodys chakra and auric fields, I will introduce the powerful sound of the Gongs. This is where the transformation can truly happen with a deep cleansing of DNA and cellular memory removing toxic belief systems which no longer serve you.   The sound of the gong cuts through mental chatter and quickly creates a meditative state... Many studies show that sound baths help relieve high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain.

the presence of disease can indicate that some parts of the body are gone out of tune." Deepak Chopra

Let me help you to get back "in-tune" with yourself

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1hr session €80  now €60

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