"Every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her"

Yoga Immersion Programmes 2017/18

Yoga Immersion Days and Weekends  / CPD 

Our Immersion days (Wicklow) and residential weekends (Galway) will suit students that want to deepen their personal practice and understanding of traditional yoga without the necessary desire to become a teacher.  They  is also suited to qualified teachers who are looking for a continued professional development course and/or perhaps support with their own classes.  Our Courses are recognized by Yoga Alliance Professionals Uk.  They are designed to be very flexible and we encourage you to attend the days that interest you with the option of choosing as little or as many of the days scheduled.  For those who want to advance their knowledge and experience of yoga even further, they can join us on our weekend residential retreats and on our annual Indian Adventure Trips that take place In February and March  each year.

The syllabus for our immersion days include aspects of :

-- Introduction to the many paths of Yoga

-- 8 limbs of Yoga,

-- 5 Tibetans; Yoga for Life

-- Anatomy and Physiology, Postures, Creating sequences

-- Posture Adjustments

-- Pranayama and Bandha, subtle energy regulation

-- Ayurveda and Yoga Lifestyle with basics of internal cleansing

-- Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra,Meditation and Mudras
-- Sutras and Yoga Philosophy, Yoga symbolism
-- Physical alignment, practical anatomy and physiology
-- The subtle bodies
-- Karma/Bhakti/Dhyana/Raja Yoga paths
-- Bhagavad Gita 
-- Pranayama

The invitation here is to follow your Yoga Immersion days with an India Adventure Trip In February/March.  You will be brought to a deeper/higher and more cleansing level.  Much of this time will be spent close by the river Ganga in Rishikesh, India.  As part of our annual Indian Adventure Trip you will be sharing the space with the masters of all that is Yoga.  Below are some pictures of our 2016 Holi Trip, one of the highlights being our unexpected meeting with the wonderful master and teacher Mooji.



Why Choose our Yoga Immersion Course over other schools....
You may well be wondering what type of Yoga School will that be?  As a direct response, none of those, to any possible "styles" of Yoga Schools of opposing yet complimentary energies.  Our Yoga Immersion offers Hatha Yoga as a direct Path; the instantaneous arrival at the realization of steadiness and equanimity in all of its expressions and in all circumstances. Its teachings are ancient and traditional, having been handed down 4000 years and more, so we are told.  They are complex but not complicated.  Science is their base, yet handed down by the ancient and contemporary masters, its the art of using language and concept in directly realizing the natural state of body, mind and more subtle aspects of being.  It is this essence of truth that is Yoga, that has inspired Aisling and Kenneth to create their immersion course.  As a body, growing and learning, it will adhere to the traditional teachings and supportive processes by which Yoga teachings are transmitted from teacher to student.  Our intention is to provide the possibility for Yogis to deepen their practice alongside having the opportunity to explore the enchanting and magical land of India, thereby propagating the authentic message shared through Yoga.  We are offering many levels of immersion;  There is but one Yoga and its that which refers to the harmonious and rested unity of all that is. The physical invitation unto the space of tremendous health and balance is in the form of "Hatha Yoga".  Hatha is that, from which all other named Yoga practices are derived;  Translated as Sun and Moon it refers to the balanced centering of extremes, the merging...


Payment Information
  1. Immersion Yoga Days (Wicklow) 10am-6pm -80e per day and includes Lunch
  2. Immersion Weekends BWC (Galway) Friday -Sunday- from160e to 200e call Kenneth to Book your place -087-6758393
  3. Yoga Adventure Trip 1600e  (Includes daily yoga classes, lectures and excursions, 14 days full board accommodation, flights not included.
  4. 10% discount for early full payment by September 30th 1400e.  Call Aisling on 087-9126366 for more information