"Every woman who heals herself, heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her"

Juicy Yoga and Meditation

 Our Kundalini Juicy workshops take place once a month

Our program has been carefully put together and designed to give you the tools to enhance and strengthen the union between God/Goddess and self.  They take place once a month around the full moon which is the perfect time to reignite your spark, tap into your intuitive feminine power and unleash the Goddess within.  Join us as we Journey through the Chakras with a combination of Kundalini Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation.  Learn how to clear your chakras and tap into the healing energy that surrounds us all.  Invite more peace and love into every aspect of your life.  As we enter the new Aquarian Age more and more women will begin to open up to their inner goddess and start to trust in their unique feminine  powers.  At the end of our workshop you will feel uplifted with an abundance of love along with feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  You will leave with a clear and strong connection to your inner Goddess.  Come with the intention of exploring the endless possibilities of discovering your inner magical being...... your Goddess!

Sample   Programme

  • 10am Sacred Tea Ceremony followed by a Healing Mantra Session and intro to Juicy workshop and 3 day cleanse
  • 11:30 pm  Yoga “Connect with the Rhythm of the Universe
  • 12pm    Meditation and Relaxation (clearing and re-activating the chakra system)
  • 12.30pm Juicy Demo and Lunch

Next scheduled workshops

September Sunday 23rd

October Sunday 21st

 November Friday 23rd (evening of the full moon)

call Aisling for more information 087 9126366